Meet Central Europe

YES, it’s a pretzel!

YES, it’s a pretzel in our conference logo. Perec (H) / Pretzel (A) / preclík (CZ/SK). It is a very popular street food in Germany and in Central Europe, and through immigration it spread to the Americas and elsewhere.

We put the pretzel in the logo because it’s a food native to all four of our countries. It also looks like a knot, and here in Central Europe we like metaphors and symbols. Especially ones that talk about binding us together. Plus we all like pretzels.

Now, once we’re at it, which foods would you call typically Central European? There’s of course lángos, knedlíky, halušky, Kaiserschmarrn and so on. They are famous national foods all right, but could you name a few that know no national borders in this region?