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Central European Business Perspective

Meet Central Europe is the industry’s first international event organised by four national translation associations active in the Central and Eastern European region.

The event addresses the unique challenges facing buyers, sellers and translators of the more than ten languages in use in Central and Eastern Europe. MCE is an opportunity to promote your company directly to an audience of key decision-makers and potential collaborators.

In a global language market worth nearly €35 billion(1), the combine size of the markets in Austria, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia is estimated to be at least €535m(2). Studies(3) have shown that it is tooling up to take advantage of technology innovations that allow processes to be streamlined to counter price pressures, while shoring up and increasing profits.

This is why the organisers behind of Meet Central Europe, the national associations of the four participating countries, have come together to shine a spotlight on this expanding marketplace and the opportunities it offers.

It is the crucible of some of the world’s leading technology and language service companies. In other words, the Meet Central Europe conference is an environment where companies with products and services to sell need to have a presence to take advantage a dynamically changing marketplace. 

(1) Common Sense Advisory
(2) Konstantin Dranch, Language industry commentator and researcher
(3) Proford annual survey

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