Superhero VM in a MT world

11 Oct 2019
12:00 - 12:45

Superhero VM in a MT world

Thirty years after CAT tools were introduced, the new major technological paradigm is being brought by NMT. The latest technologies are impacting everyone, including the VMs! Whenever MT is involved, a radical recalibration of the relationship between LSCs and the translation experts is necessary. While post-editing is still mostly despised, reviewing MT output has become an essential skill, yet difficult to source qualified humans for.

In the 2020s, VMs will play a crucial role in helping their company facilitate the transition from human-only translations to a mixed scenario involving both MT and humans. The translator role isn’t disappearing, but we collectively need to reassess the way they’ll contribute as linguists and language specialists.

This session is about how VMs need to prepare in a VUCA environment (volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity). “One size fits all” and “best practice” have been relegated to yesterday: best thinking is now in demand.

• Brief introduction on MT technologies
• Working from MT output, what does it mean?
• Why so many translators refuse PEMT jobs?
• How to ease MT adoption among linguists?
• PE levels
• Compensation schemes