Managing from the Cradle: a Way to Attract the Right Talent

Meet Central Europe Oleksandr Bondarenko
31 Oct 2018
11:15 - 12:00
Corner Room

Managing from the Cradle: a Way to Attract the Right Talent

Eastern Europe is the outsourcing powerhouse preferred by the partners looking not only for a low cost of the labour but also for expertise. 90 Ukrainian universities train translators. However, there is gap between existing education system and demands of the globalized market.

The internship program at Translatel Ltd includes 8 steps: plan, orient, train, supervise, include and enrich, feedback, follow-up, assess. The program insures a meaningful internship for university students with little efforts from their side, but many long-term benefits.

Internships are a translation company’s endurance test and an efficient way to successfully meet the demands of industry. Internships allow a company to pre-screen staff for ability and adaptability before making a full-time offer. LSPs can seamlessly convert interns to full-time translators, reviewers or PMs who can be productive immediately.

There are some good reasons for a properly organized internship, apart from pure recruiting and quantitative changes:

  1. EXPLORE new perspectives on organizational issues.
  2. TRANSFORM lives and work habits of current and potential employees.
  3. ENHANCE company staff.
  4. REDUCE recruitment and training costs.
  5. INCREASE business productivity and company visibility at national and international levels.
  6. GAIN brand

It should be noted that suggested methodology is efficient not only for the interns, but also for internal qualification courses. We suggest a pathway with clear milestones to improve your business, and enhance the quality of the translation industry as a whole, by developing internships. Minding both today’s workload and tomorrow’s workforce, starting an internship program is an excellent way to facilitate success.