Programme for Prague 2019

Inspiring Vendor Managers

The theme of the 2019 Meet Central Europe Conference is Inspiring Vendor Managers and takes place in Prague, Czechia, 10/11 October 2019.

Germany – the 2019 Spotlight Country

Central Europe is a large and diverse region, therefore the MCE Conference is dedicated to giving high visibility to a specific country each year.

For 2019 we are partnering with the Qualitätssprachendienste Deutschlands (QSD) to shine a spotlight on the German language market. This is generating significant interest from German language companies and freelance professionals who have either booked are firmly committed to attending the Prague conference.

Jobs Fair for freelance translators 

On the Wednesday before the main event a new feature of the conference takes place: the Jobs Fair for freelancers and LSPs.

It will be an opportunity for our freelance colleagues to meet with LSPs from across Europe and present their credentials. We are really encouraged by the response we’ve had from company and freelance communities. Linguists can register for an entry, and language companies can reserve a space HERE.

Speakers, programme and master classes

The MCE Content Committee has finalized the speaker line-up and sessions for the 2019 conference. The full list of speakers and sessions is available below. Please note, that the precise timetable will be announced prior to the event.

During the morning of the first conference day there will be 4 Master Classes to choose from. Leading industry experts will be sharing their expertise to help attendees solve talent gap issues related to i) machine translation post-editing, ii) transcreation, iii) time management and iv) diversity and accessibility.

Master Classes

Day 1
10 Oct 2019

Efficiency with BuJo & GTD

How can workflow and project – or simply LIFE – management methods help you survive in the midst of intense time pressure and workload burdens either working at an LSP or in your freelance life? A) In this presentation (~50 minutes) we will examine the...
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Gabriella Nagy

Transcreation processes and challenges for vendor and project managers

Following the great feedback received for the presentation given at the MCE Conference in Budapest last year, this Master Class dives deeper into the topic of Transcreation. Transcreation can be a powerful edge to gain new business and build a high-level profile. Yet only if...
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Nina Sattler-Hovdar

The two best strategies to win the war for talent: Accessibility and Diversity for Vendor Management.

Gabriele Sauberer, President of the Forum European Diversity Management (FEDM), expert in national and international standardization committees about Diversity and Inclusion, Social Responsibility and Human Resources, will explain why accessibility and diversity strategies are the best ways to win the war for talent. Participants will...
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Gabriele Sauberer

VM strategies for the NMT world

Session format: Master Class (3 hours with a coffee break) Session level: Beginners to Intermediate (regarding MTPE) Target audience: VMs & PMs involved in recruiting post-editors Problems addressed Post-editing is established as a standard solution for a wide variety of content types, yet it’s challenging...
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Gaetan Chretiennot

Conference Content

Day 1
10 Oct 2019

Velvet Revolution – Attract your Vendor Managers

Tricks and Practices to <3 serve Your Clients <3 (as freelancers) In this presentation we will look at a holistic approach of being proactive in the translation and interpretation industry that is smooth as velvet, yet one that brings about a revolution in the willingness...
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Gabriella Nagy

How to handle Vendor Management in smaller companies

The arduous job of creating a Vendor Management team and processes while covering all the other urgent issues inside a small LSP. Identifying the right people for the job, finding time for meetings when you’re supposed to deal with projects, involving the team, showing the...
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Andreza Pavani

Why transcreation is here to stay

Is transcreation just a fancy term to sell translations at a fancy price, or is there more to it? Why and how are transcreations different from translations? What processes and skills are at play? This presentation will give you an idea of what transcreation really is...
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Nina Sattler-Hovdar

Mentoring as a Crucial Career Element

Mentoring is a crucial tool to help future-to-be-translators. After finishing their studies, Translation studies feel usually lost and not knowing where to go. Therefore, Mentoring should be an essential subject in every Translation/Translation Studies Courses to help these students to decide their careers and future...
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Ana Saldanha

Finding the perfect match, a wild goose chase?

Where to look for the right people to work with? How to recognize talent? How to onboard? Take aways: a structured way to make sure you attract exactly who you need. A pragmatic way to approach the market.
Malon Hamoen-Giraldi

How Resource Management transferred into linguistic quality services specialist

In the rapidly changing localization world Resource Managers constantly struggle with defining their exact role and have to learn how to adapt to new conditions and requirements. With a big database of vendors and overwhelmed by massive recruitment projects, our Resource Management Department came up...
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Natalia Tarasova

Strategies for Rapid Global Sales Growth

Taking your Sales team to the next level, entering new markets, and coordinating with team members in all four corners of the globe can seem like a pretty daunting task. In this session, Josef Kubovsky will be expanding on his presentation from last year about...
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Josef Kubovsky

Being a human Vendor Manager in a world of Artificial Intelligence

Would you like your vendors to be more loyal and communicative, more open to feedback, and more flexible when it comes to working hours, deadlines and rates? By implementing the five tools of human vendor management you will be able to build a reliable team...
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Christina Rathmayer

Clash of the Titans. Improving communication between Vendors and Vendor Managers

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful Vendor Manager? On the other hand, can you guess what makes a Vendor want to work with your company? This is a question for which we want an answer, so we plan to conduct research on a...
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Konrad Chmielewski

Linguist recruitment: when, to what extent, why (and why not)

Vendor managers usually experience constant pressure from both within their companies (project managers, sales people, in-house translators and editors) and without (freelance linguists / SLV vendor applications) to ceaselessly recruit new resources to the existing pool. It’s just never enough. But is it really feasible...
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Nora Zilahy

“Shake a new cocktail for PMs at the VM Bar!” – Engage with your project managers and guarantee the success of your vendor recruitment

Vendor Managers face a permanent obstacle of project managers having predisposed ideas concerning translation resources. These are preferences based on past experiences with a given team, a habit of using a given resource, risk aversion, personal relations with certain vendors, etc. This is obviously fine...
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Stevan Ulama

Superhero VM in a MT world

Thirty years after CAT tools were introduced, the new major technological paradigm is being brought by NMT. The latest technologies are impacting everyone, including the VMs! Whenever MT is involved, a radical recalibration of the relationship between LSCs and the translation experts is necessary. While...
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Gaetan Chretiennot

From fragments to segments: How to work with meaningful units of text when preservation of the original structure is required?

Proper segmentation is crucial not only for increasing vendor efficiency, but also for avoiding the generation of useless TM entries. However, certain file formats come with an internal structure in which the source text is broken down into non-arbitrary segment-like units that need to be...
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Márton Jánosy

AI: the Art of Interviewing by Argos

Have you ever been at a crossroads as to whether a candidate is suitable for the vacancy you want to fill? Or hesitant with your choice, as both candidates seem equally suitable? In this presentation I will explore best practices for recruitment, and will share...
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Luiza Szafranska

A crafty plan how to hire and cooperate with freelancers

To work with freelancers is much easier said than done especially for an agency with mainly in-house staff. But once you’ve made a pull of freelancers, it turns out that there’s a lot more legwork in managing those freelancers than you expected. You constantly have...
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Meet Central Europe Oleksandr Bondarenko
Oleksandr Bondarenko

How to test new linguists for rare languages?

– About rare languages – Growing challenge on all fronts for the translation and localization industry – Very few linguistic resources available – To rely on an amateur vs. someone who claims to be the master of all languages and provides translation into 10 African...
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Csilla Rostas

Strategic thinking: the answer to vendor selection for EU Projects

As part of its commitment to multilingualism, the European Union (EU) must guarantee every citizen understanding of important documents in their mother tongue. All official documents must, therefore, be translated into 24 languages. The EU does not currently possess the in-house capacity to handle such...
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Meet Central Europe Jaroslava Ouzka
Jaroslava Ouzka

From student to freelancer: How agencies can support new entrants (working title)

The presentation will discuss the disjointedness between academic teachings on translation degrees and the reality of the commercial side of the translation industry. I will discuss what we do at Surrey Translation Bureau, for example our university outreach programme, testing new graduates and giving them...
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Allison Spangler

The power of employer branding

My presentation is about Employer Branding. Starting from the basics: – what is EB – why is EB important (it helps to attract, reqruit and retain talent) – how it is related to business results – examples of good EB …to more specific: – what...
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Pille-Riin Laadoga

Why you can and should do your own marketing to find the right clients and grow your business

Why you can and should do your own marketing to change and grow your business With the paradigm shift we have been facing in the last two decades, small and medium businesses are in a better than ever position to do their own marketing with...
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Jakub Medrek

AI-powered Vendor Data Exchange

The paper examines what kinds of standardised data generated by LSPs as well as data available from public sources can be used for decision making in LSP vendor management. Appropriately processed logs and metadata from communication and VM infrastructures can be automatically shared between competitors,...
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Meet Central Europe Lukáš Vorel
Lukáš Vorel

“EU Law Workshop” – how this training project became the third pillar of my EU translation and interpreting business. A case study

Sharing specialised knowledge (EU law and translation/interpreting for EU institutions) with colleagues, in cooperation with an expert in international law, and making it part of my translation/interpreting business
Orsolya Bugár-Buday

Project and vendor management in technical translation – the hurdles of fusing technology with linguistics

A brief outline of the translation process of technical texts, addressing hurdles and explaining how to jump over them
Tanja Feldhofer

What affects freelance translators’ availability?

Project managers spend considerable time on securing translators for projects. At the same time, translators experience peaks and lows. Applications exist where you can register your availability, but in the first place, why does this gap exist? Are there any patterns that relate to any...
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István Lengyel

“WIN-WIN“ principals of vendor management

Vendor management can be done in many different ways. But the goal should always be to reach beneficial cooperation that leads to the satisfaction of both sides. As a translation agency you need to have a large pool of reliable and punctual resources for reasonable...
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Vojtěch Baše

PERMA-nent FUN: How Positive Psychology can make your recruitment, onboarding and cooperation most enjoyable and flourishing.

Gabriele Sauberer, Director of the Vienna International Positive Psychology School (VIPPS), Master Trainer of Positive Psychology (PP) and Head of Certification of the European Positive Psychology Academy (EUPPA), will introduce the PERMA Model of Martin Seligman, famous founder of Positive Psychology in the United States...
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Gabriele Sauberer


Traditional practices of interacting with your vendors are becoming less effective in this age of technology-driven approaches. This presentation will be about our triumphs and struggles in building the ZELENKA brand. Attendees will receive specific, actionable, industry-relevant tips on how to better engage with their...
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Roman Zelenka

Working in and leading remote teams

Remote (dispersed) teams face specific challenges ranging from cultural differences, distance, technology and infrastructures. The presentation provides an overview and gives practical advice to topics such as: cultural adaptability and communication across cultures; managing tasks and team processes; communication and information sharing; project management; decision...
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Meet Central Europe Ferdinand A. Kovačić
Ferdinand A. Kovacic

Sleepwalking is Dangerous

There is a myriad of socio-political issues which affect every one of us in the Localization industry. From the rise of Isolationism all across the globe; to the threat of AI technologies being used to discriminate against minorities within populations; to the continued white-washing of...
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Andrew Hickson

An introduction to the new DGT system

The Directorate-General for Translation of the European Commission, one of the world’s largest translation services, relies heavily on its external partners – LSPs and freelancers alike. Changes in both our needs and the market structure resulted recently in our long-standing contract management system becoming less...
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Meet Central Europe Klara Schwebl
Klara Schwebl