Central European people

Who do you think is the ideal-typical Central European person?

  • Franz Kafka, the German-speaking Bohemian Jewish writer who died in a Vienna suburb?
  • Is it perhaps Joseph Haydn? Born in Austria, worked in Morzin Palace (CZ) and Fertőd (H)?
  • Or Egon Schiele? Born in Vienna (A); lived in Český Krumlov (CZ) had an exhibition in Budapest (H) at the age of 23.
  • Could it be Franz Liszt? The great Hungarian composer who never spoke Hungarian but was 9 when he gave concerts in Bratislava (SK) and lived in Vienna (A)?
  • Would it be Nikola Tesla? The Serbian inventor was born in the Austrian Empire (present-day Croatia) worked with Tivadar Puskás at Budapest Telephone Exchange (H) and had Austrian – and later American – citizenship?