Liberty Bridge

Liberty or Freedom

Our Facebook cover photo features Szabadság híd (in English: Liberty Bridge or Freedom Bridge) of Budapest. 

The choice of this image is not accidental: 

  • a bridge of course will represent connections;
  • Liberty Bridge is right next to the conference venue;
  • and its original name was Ferenc József híd (Franz Joseph Bridge, 1896) named after Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria, Apostolic King of Hungary and the King of Bohemia.
    Szabadság híd for us stands for the strong historic and cultural bonds between our countries in Central Europe.

During the past two summers cars were banned from the bridge and it quickly became a tourist venue and a meeting point for both locals and holidaymakers where people could get together and have a picnic or even do yoga exercises.

Visit Meet Central Europe conference in October 2018 in Budapest and experience the true Central European atmosphere!

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