2021 Webinars – Call for Proposals

Due to the Covid situation, our planned 2020 onsite conference had to be postponed, however since July 2020 we have been successfully hosting monthly webinars for our global industry community.

Delivering relevant and valuable content in the form of webinars have proved to keep our community together in the past year.
We are now actively seeking potential presenters for our webinars in 2021 (starting on the first Wed. in February)


  • recruitment linguists and non-linguistic experts form LSP perspective
  • vendor management as freelancers see
  • recruiting and training post-editors
  • automation in vendor management,
  • agile and scalable vendor management
  • measuring vendor management efficiency (KPIs, ROI models)
  • marketing and how to stand out from the crowd
  • technological achievements shaping the resource pool


  • Vendor and Project Managers seeking expert advice on how to best recruit, manage and retain top linguistic and non-linguistic talent
  • Freelance translators who are interested in working together with translation companies and who would like to learn more about project management and other translation topics
  • Anybody encountering resource issues and wanting to learn how to overcome or avoid them in the first place
  • Anyone seeking to find new Central and Eastern European linguistic partners
  • Central European translation providers looking to expand their markets


  • form: live webinar (presentation + Q&A)
  • platform: GoToWebinar
  • moderator: Geoffrey Bowden
  • duration: 1 hour incl. intro and Q&A (max. net 40 minutes)
  • when: 1st Wednesday of the month at 4 pm CET
  • thank you for speakers: EUR 100
  • attendance free registration -> strong marketing visibility
  • presentation template will be provided by MCE


You will need to prepare the following details to submit your proposal:

  • title of the presentation
  • short abstract (maximum of 4-5 sentences)
  • short bio (maximum of 4-5 sentences)
  • photo in high resolution
  • A short video recording introducing yourself and your presentation

Please submit your proposal using this online form

Contact Us

Email: content-matters@meetcentraleurope.com

We are looking forward to your proposal!


Photo by J. Kelly Brito on Unsplash