MCE Introduces One Languge Industry Community

With Meet Central Europe Conference postponed till October 2021, due to Covid-19, we are creating a space for language industry professionals to keep inspiring each other in all things related to LSC – freelance linguist relations. Today we are inviting you to join

One Language Industry

A Facebook based community serving as a meeting place for all people interested in sharing best practice, asking questions and learning from each other.

What’s in it for you?

  • the only forum dedicated for vendor managers and project managers
  • enjoy content tailored exclusively for the community
  • learn from others and share best practices
  • meet like-minded fellow professionals
  • have some socially distanced fun
  • potentially find new partner

Are you a freelance linguist? Join us and:

  • listen in and speak up
  • learn about the daily dilemmas and best practices of PMs and vendor managers
  • find out how they choose the linguists they work with
  • engage with them directly, share your ideas and help them better understand freelance linguists



The MCE team wants to thank the Freelance Translators and Interpreters Association [SZOFT] of Hungary for generously lending us their amazing slogan: #onelanguageindustry.

Just like SZOFT, we also firmly believe that freelance translators & Interpreters, project managers, vendor managers, all translation company staff, translator training institutions, professors, students, language technology engineers and software companies are all part of the same ecosystem.

We are all colleagues, we have an awful lot in common and that through meaningful cooperation we’ll all thrive.

There’s only #onelanguageindustry and it’s ours.